Thursday, 13 July 2017

Summer Coats; Bang On Trend #Stealmystyle

It's inevitable. Summer comes round and camo comes in. I think every year there is some salute to Khaki colours and none more popular than using greens for all your parka style coats. I love it. I think it is one of the most easy colours to match to and however you wear it you can look summer ready in an instant. For me, Khaki coats always make me want to wear denim and white t-shirts. Usually a camo pattern lends itself perfectly to throwing over simple vest tops and teaming with jeans and sandals as an outfit winner.

The name G L O V E R A L L is iconic. It's particular synonymous with the classic Duffle Coat, {yes just like Paddington bear} but did you know that each year they lighten up their fabrics and produce a fantastic range of summer coats? They still salute their glorious duffle style but G L O V E R A L L produce an equally flattering and practical coat which is a perfect summer alternative. For me, this Camo Summer Coat fits into my summer style with ease.

I always associate camo with festivals too and getting this jacket comes at a perfect time for finding a waterproof coat to drag with me to loads of outdoors events. I love something light that you can bundle into a bag or tie round your waist but I really love how this jacket actually feels that it would protect me from wind and rain and would easily keep me warm when our inevitable British summer weather hits. I always feel a bit stupid wearing a wool coat in August, but sometimes it feels necessary.

With french shopper basket {very on trend}, Mom jeans and my mermaid Berks, this jacket complements my everyday look, so when I am popping to pick up fresh flowers or groceries I can grab, go and get out whatever the weatherman says.

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  1. Hi Emily

    This look fab on you. Love how you have styled it!!

    Gloverall Team


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