Monday, 17 July 2017

Fashion Out Of My Comfort Zone #Stealmystyle

I like plain. Let's be realistic. My wardrobe is made up majoritively of colours that complement each other and most dresses are usually in softer shades and very rarely covered in print. Actually, never covered in print. It has been a long time since I have worn a pattern dress and a long time since I have worn one with such a pattern to make me look like a walking tropical reserve. I mean, bold colours {bar that yellow dress} don't really function in my life and if I do have them, they are usually quite simple pieces; a jacket perhaps, or t-shirt, never something quite so garish. So then, what got me to buy this M&S Printed Dress?

Having seen it in store multiple times and walked past it, I didn't think it was very me but once I had actually tried it on I absolutely loved it. It was just such a great shirt dress, and they are always perfect for all sorts of occasions. I love being able to pull on an easy dress when it's hot and I particularly love a long sleeved dress as I am quite self conscious about my arms. With a pair of brown summer heels this dress is really a great buy. 

The print is wild, but you know what, that makes it burst a bit and look great for summer. With colours clashing and patter everywhere this dress really makes a great substitute for usual floral kinds of dresses you get come round every summer. 

I'm wearing:

D R E S S / E A R I N G S {H&M} / B A S K E T / S H O E S


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