Friday, 28 July 2017

Children's Books, Local Theatre & becoming the one who cries.

I used to always laugh when my mum cried at things, not serious things, like films and stuff. It's always the parents who cry isn't it? And I used to wonder why, why did everything seem to affect them more than me. Now, now I get it. Honestly. Since having kids it's like I just cry at everything. Seriously, everything. And it is so strange, I know there are obvious emotional changes that take place; your loving capacity grows tenfold and then anything to do with kids, your own or others you become 100% more emotional about. Let's not even talk about Children in need or Red Nose Day {rob included in this}, just don't bother talking to us, we are a total mess. But this emotion which I know has only really come with having children and getting older appears at the most bizarre times. Even super cute things of our kids doesn't always make me cry but recently, there was one poignant moment which really caught me off guard and by surprise. 
We started going to the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre on a regular basis to see touring companies perform a range of things and this is something I have written about in recent months, but I have to be honest and say that when I went and did a group booking of tickets for different up and coming events this was the one that I was most excited for. The Tiger Who Came To Tea by Judith Kerr has become a firm favourite in our home. A real family favourite which we have never bored of and never will. Are you familiar with it? If not, you need to be. It is a wonderful children's book; a story of a family who have an unexpected visit from a Tiger who then eats all the food in the house. It is actually one of the most simple stories for a child to understand. In fact, some of the lines the children know and it is so nicely written that it picks up its own natural rhythm when you read it. I love that, when children learn parts that they join in at. Anyway, as well as being a firm favourite we have actually also blogged about this book a few times before. It seems to come up in conversation a lot and it just is a book that when the kids are older I know we will still talk about. 
The performance itself was fantastic. In fact if you have the opportunity to see where it is touring {HERE}, go see it because it is brilliant. A fantastic adaptation of a book which only takes 10 minutes to read. But throughout the play the use of exact wording from the book is so common and it was this that started to pull at my emotions. Not only was the acting brilliant and it had me hooked as much as the kids but, my goodness, at the end when they said the same finishing line as the book I just felt my emotions well up and I even looked to Rob and said "I am gonna cry at this". It was just the most perfect retelling of something I loved and to this day {3 weeks later} we are still singing the songs and talking about it because we so enjoyed it. 
I know for a fact the tears are coming as things start to change. The children are growing up and the lovely experiences we are having are just filling our lives with such amazing feelings. Theatre is great anyway and I have written before about how much I love going as a family but this experience was really something and I am so glad to have been able to see this story come to life in front of me and give me that moment to become so wrapped up in the emotion of the story. Seriously, if you don't, start taking your kids to the theatre; it opens up so much opportunity.


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