Thursday, 6 July 2017

Copenhagen #TWO {All The Food}

I am sure you have gathered that our trip to Copenhagen was quite amazing and that we simply loved it. As I took so many photos I decided to split up the trip into a few posts to share with you.
This post in particular is about food. We went with high expectations knowing that CPH was in fact a huge foodie place with people travelling just to eat at the exciting restaurants they have to offer, and boy they did not disappoint us. You could easily stay here for a week and still not have tried enough good food as everything we got was always so different. 
Starting your day off with breakfast is always great in Europe as they eat so differently to us. Well, maybe we are lead to believe that but the standard layout of breakfast is usually bread and cheese accompanied by some ham or salami. Yeah there was a fried section but we weren't interested in that, we can get that at home, but I would never usually eat fresh bread with cheeses and salami at 7am! I embraced it and regret nothing. Who needs muesli! I think for us as well, when we were in Austria years ago they had very similar things so heading to breakfast and seeing it all brought back those memories too. One thing that was on offer at breakfast that I stayed away from was curried herring. In fact, it is delicious, as I later found out, but as part of lunch rather than to start the day with!
Leaving our hotel with our bellies full meant that we really kept going until lunch. One thing that I really noticed was that on our first day we picked up some snacks from a bakery and ate as we walked. Well I have never seen so many people look at us in a funny way wondering what we were doing. In hindsight we should have stopped as there is no way anyone else there walks and eats like that. They love to stop and enjoy food in Europe and you could see that no one else anywhere was walking around with a sandwich at lunch time; it is not done! After that quick lesson we made sure to head into bistros for lunch and booked a few awesome restaurants for our dinner.

When we were in Nyhavn, which was an amazing area, we ate outside by the canal and it was there we got a platter of a few different things. Fish and meat are really popular and it is their curried herring that seems to be a bit of a specialty. It really surprised me that I liked it so much, as Rob, who loves everything, didn't. But with some soft bread and butter on, well, let's just say I am really going to miss the taste of that!
I also wish that we had more street food near us, churros are a big thing over there and we just got plain sugared ones, but they are so tasty! 

We also spent time on Paper Island where an old newspaper storage warehouse has been turned into a street food venue, and it is incredible. Amazingly set up with huge, long feasting tables and dozens of venders selling amazing food. We had pulled duck and some Korean food which was just amazing. While we were there we also got talking to someone who had travelled from Helsinki and worked in the food industry and he and a team of people were finding inspiring food as Copenhagen was the place to go to find it. It was really interesting talking to him and it kind of confirmed that the meals we were having were really that good.

Our evening meals were something else though. We went to Madklubben which'd had some great reviews and was everything we could have hoped for. Great dishes with amazing flavours cooked right in front of you. One thing that made us smile though was that we were given a little appetiser which was in fact pork scratchings. We laughed, as to us these are a pretty bog standard snack but over there they are really seen as something special! Our meal there was amazing though but we knew we were going to have better and we did. 

Cofoco was a restaurant that blew our minds. It was the kind of place where each dish starter sized so you pick a number of courses to suit. We actually picked their set 5 course meal which was perfect. as each course came out and the waiters introduced every plate explaining what was on it in fine English. We were simply blown away and we ate in silence as both of us delved into these creative plates of food. 

When travelling to capital cities you always expect a level of service and I suppose for us that also came in a very friendly way. Not only was the food great but in every eatery every one who served us spoke English and chatted, it wasn't just about ordering food and receiving it, it was so much more and there were some really nice moments of chat with recommendations and in asking what they enjoyed. They were all so nice and forward when we required them to be.

Between the main meals we didn't actually graze at all. A few ice creams, coffees and cake but nothing major, we were quite content. It was nice though, pausing and stopping and making sure we took the time to enjoy food and culture around us.

Looking at the pictures brings the tastes straight back to my mind. If you were heading out to Copenhagen make sure you don't just settle for familiar foods. Find those special little places where you can really enjoy some culinary delights!


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