Wednesday, 12 July 2017

She's So Grown Up. FT. Roco Clothing

I know I keep banging on about it, but this little one is off soon to be at school. Leaving me a bit empty handed during the day {which is no bad thing} but it is times like this that I really notice she won't be around. 
It's not very often now that I really get to capture her, usually because there is no interest in it for her, but I hadn't really anticipated the emotions I would be feeling after doing this recent photo shoot to share with you. Most of these pictures really resemble the true Etta and they just seemed to capture the exact faces she pulls around us; some a little too true in fact {you can almost tell I bribed her}. 

What is amazing though is that pictures keep popping up on my memories and when we started this blog Etta was 18 months and now she is about to start school. That time has just disappeared on me and when I think about the amount of events we have done with the kids where formal wear has been needed, well, she has attended 4 immediate family weddings in the last 3 years alone. And these are a big deal. Dressing up the niece and nephew of the bride or groom means you really need to try hard. Harder than when you are just dressing as a guest. Etta has had a range of beautiful outfits which have worked for her at each age, but this dress from Roco Clothing almost makes me wish I had discovered them sooner!
What I love most about this D R E S S is that it is quite simply elegant. In fact almost too elegant for young children, but due to the beautiful colour and simplicity of the cross over it is quite simply just a perfectly beautiful dress. 

It is such a wonderful privilege to be able to work with brands on posts. I really love opportunities to share things as most of the time it really gives me moments to reflect on what I have in life. Photographing the kids can be stressful but when you see them light up about something it really changes the whole photo taking process.
 Etta is a very lucky girl in this scenario. Being asked to try out some formal wear is probably the dream for most of us, but me as a mother really finds it quite emotional seeing such products on my child. The beautiful Roco Clothing specialises in formal wear for children. I love finding brands like this as having young children and a big family, we have had our fair share of weddings and always have had to really search around for pretty formal wear. Well not any more. I will be heading straight here from now on as I am so pleased with this outfit that we have for Etta. 

* Post in collaboration with Roco Clothing


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