Monday, 31 July 2017

A Classic Shirt Dress & Riviera Wishing

Summertime and my news feed is full of exotic holiday pictures in countries where the sand is white and the sea is crystal clear blue. It makes me jealous. I have never experienced such tropical holidays but to be honest, until now I have never really wanted to. I have always been so happy with France and the culture over there has sufficed my need for exotic travel. I mean I remember as a kid going down to the Dordogne and the heat was just something I will never forget. Then in more recent years paddling in The Alps in natural lakes up there and just I suppose always getting my holiday fill. This year however the richness of a holiday destination has been something I have really been drawn to. I have always wanted to travel the whole south coast of france, Nice, Manaco, Cannes the whole area of the Cote D'Azur or the French Riviera. This absolute want to travel down there however was also confirmed recently after getting a little bit hooked on Julie Styles' new series for Sky, 'Riviera'. With a huge amount of suspense and with a thriller story line, not only did the wardrobe of Julia make me green with envy but the setting of the series was just so gorgeous. That whole area just makes me want to take 3 weeks out and drive along it all. Maybe next year, maybe in a few but I so want to go there and enjoy the warmth and to be honest the luxury.
As I mentioned it wasn't just the series of 'Riviera' that got me all excited but the production wardrobe was just awesome and right up my street. Cool dresses, floaty, wide leg trousers, lots of white; it just oozed class {and wealth} and I in turn have tried to recreate some simple styles for my summer wardrobe. Luckily as all the outfits were unbranded and used lots of floaty ciffon and silk style blouses, I had a few copycat pieces which I have been able to use, but some of the shirt dresses that were worn just seemed to look so simple and easy to wear that I found myself looking at one in MARKS & SPENCER and thinking, ''That's what Julia Styles would wear in Riviera!'' Yep, I was hooked and it is the perfect season to be watching it getting excited for summer fashion.
Effortlessly cool, lightweight, gorgeous colour. What's not to love? Also did I mention long sleeves and pockets? Yep, thought that would really make you want it. A beautiful piece to enjoy looking out over sunny Lincoln in and wishing that maybe the blue sea was looking back. 



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