Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Copenhagen #FOUR {Architecture}

I don't think I have ever appreciated the art of architecture. I mean, I can be a mean critic of building design and I do find real interest in it, but maybe I never saw what the idea was behind some styles or maybe I just choose to ignore that and judge a building on whether it looked good or bad. 
We took a metro ride out of town and into an area called Orestad. It is almost like a new suburb that is being built and the overground took you through a few stops meaning you could see construction alongside the new buildings. We got off one before the last stop but you could have got off at the end and experienced the same thing. This metro was in a straight line. It left the city turned a corner once on its way out from underground and proceeded to show the building of a new world in a perfectly straight line. It was the most unreal view and being on the train you could see straight out the front and see this side of town just start to appear in the form of amazing buildings one after the other perfectly in line with the trainline
It was really interesting and we had read that it was worth visiting just to see how it is being built as construction is going on now. It wasn't busy but there were people at the train stops and it just looked awesomely consistent like every building was designed by the same person as it was just so perfect looking. That was the most modern architecture and was all in one place. In the city there was the fantastic diversity of old and new, converted and updated or just left how they were and it was really wonderful to see. I really love old buildings with intricate brick detail and I love how the tops of so many Danish builds have a lovely shape. I hadn't appreciated how much they like colour though and Nyhavn especially was a beautiful area, along the canal where you had coloured flat fronted buildings against a contrast of red brick buildings opposite. 
One of the best things we did which I will talk about more in another post was take a boat tour. It was a brilliant way to view some buildings along the water front especially, but it took us to one of the most expensive areas to live in CPH and it was amazing. By the water is the place to be but this infact was an incredible area that was built on top of an old naval base. It was great to see that the area was still in use and had been turned into something quite incredible. What really got me was an old torpedo hanger that was now flats. It was industrial chic at its finest and just looked fantastic. The original structure was still there as its shell but also as a homage in art for to its original function. 

From the water we were also privileged enough to see the opera house which sits directly opposite the very modern look MAERSK cotainer HQ {they actually donated the opera house to CPH which is incredible}. We also saw the Black Diamond which is an incredible building cover in reflective black glass which sparkles when the sun hits it at the right angle and then saw more historical buildings which were just as amazing against these modern structures.

Another great thing we did to get a great view of the city was climbed the tallest church and to the highest point in the city. Our Saviour's Church in Christenshaven gave you a 360 degree look over the city and it was incredible. The views allowed you to see so much and just gave you another dimension to the streets you were walking down.

The architecture is something you could look at for hours and hours and if you love that it is worth visiting this city just to enjoy the beauty in all the differences. 

I just thought I would share more views that just caught my eye and buildings that I just loved. 

Another reason why CPH is a beautiful place where you can just enjoy the views. 


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