Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Setting the mood, loving texture & Hygge FT. VQ

I know we are all thinking the same thing; where is summer? The rain keeps beating down and many of us have already replaced our t-shirts with our jumpers but instead of complaining, I have started to embrace {or more remember the usual} down pouring of rain we get over our summer months. After visiting Copenhagan last month I was inspired  by a particular scene I wanted to come home and recreate. I am not going to lie, I am usually one for having candles but only really when it gets cold, in fact through the summer I never really light them but having had a little urge to buy a few Scandi style candles and collect some objects in certain colours in a way I had seen displayed a lot in CPH, I felt that there had been a few occasions to light candles and I have really enjoyed it. I think they are a perfect scene setter when you are having dinner and with them lit and the fairy lights glowing I have found myself fully immersing my mood into that true Hygge theory. Such comfort can be created in the smallest things and some simple candles have really brought that to me. But it isn't all just about a few grey candles. What I am finding is that I am getting into listening to music rather than having the TV on. A few weeks ago the kids were in trouble for a variety of minor offences but I just said that we were having no TV for a whole weekend. It was inspiring and actually we ended up having the radio on all weekend instead. We changed between radio 2 and a few varying sports channels to listen to the tennis and cricket that was on but what actually happened was that we actively listened and therefore discussed things and danced and actually heard songs that we would never listen to, but loved. Since then we have actually put the radio on more than ever as a form of entertainment and switched off the TV more. I think a lot of the time the kids, and myself, love background noise and we don't need anything visual to get that. Having just music means that we really are free to play and you get on with things very differently to if the TV was on.

Continuing with the more scandi style influencing the way I style our home I was so pleased to get the opportunity to try the brand new and ever so Skandi looking MONTY View Quest Radio. What is so great about this is its wooden exterior. It is just so cool looking and already being a fan of the sound quality offered from the VQ radios, this was a perfect addition to their already amazing collection. In CPH, Rob and I were both inspired by the use of natural wood. It is a texture that isn't often painted or hidden over there and in a lot of Danish design it is truly celebrated. The MONTY radio really complements that style in its sleek shape and simple features. The fabric covered speaker in a light grey is also a great salute to the colours and textures that give you that wonderful simplistic look whilst still being completely modern. I think this genuinely looks perfect with my other collection of pieces, the soft shades, the crisp lines, bring such wonderful home detail to our simple space. 

Tuning it in and lighting up the candles is my most favourite thing to do right now and this is exactly how I am creating my Hygge and bringing true comfort to our home. 

* Post in collaboration with VQ

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  1. What a beautiful radio! I've struggled to find one as stylish and display worthy as this one for years.

    Kate x


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