Sunday, 17 April 2016

The Kids' New Summer Birkenstock Sandals.

Something that I have noticed over the years of buying shoes and clothes is that if you buy cheap, you most definitely buy twice. Sometimes we are not in a position to spend lots of money on items and especially kids' items which we worry about the ruining. It seems fair to say for them, sometimes cheap and cheerful is fine. However, with maybe a branded product, if I buy a cheaper version I am often disappointed when they don't last or when they look cheap. This year I decided that the children were having quality sandals. I have spent the last few summers getting look a like and nearly as expensive styles and have been disappointed when they do not look how I want them to. We all know there are some brands which are great. I have had 2 pairs of Birkenstock which I have had for a few years now and they are so comfy and Rob has a pair which he has had for years and years so it seemed like the right choice of sandal for the kiddos.

Raph is an 11 so I got him that in the kids New York Nubuck in Mocca. With regards to fit, I feel they are a bit big but to be honest I found them on ebay and they were cheaper than anywhere else so I didn't want to send them back. It's not that they are too big for him to wear but as he is an 11 it is just a measure for you who may not know what size to get. I actually got Etta a half size smaller than what she is as she has problems with her feet so I like her shoes to be extra snug, especially sandals and they are a perfect fit in comparision. Etta has the Rio kids Birkenstock in Mirror Silver which are now on the Birkenstock website as new stock. I actually got ours from Amazon a few weeks ago as they had none. 

A few features that I want to point out for you though are things like the Birkinstock straps are lined with a soft felt meaning there should be no rubbing at all. The kids wore these shoes properly for a longish walk and run about and had no complaints. Also the cork foot bed is shaped and raised to help support feet in the correct places. Birkenstock shore lots of construction and care details on their website which help a lot with understanding the product and why they are a popular choice of quality sandal.

Both children seem really happy with these. Etta even wore hers in the house when she was just playing around and moving on the floor; from crossed legs to crawling in play they didn't bother her and were obviously comfy. Also the shine on hers is quite amazing and something that is really hard to capture on camera: it is a brilliant mermaid kind of shine which looks ace in the sun!!
For me, the overall look they give (fashion wise) is something I have wanted for years, especially for Raph. If they seem too expensive for you or you are unsure if you want to spend that kind of money on kids shoes I urge you to use places like Amazon and ebay as I was able to pick up these pairs with savings of £10 on each making it worth shopping around. 


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