Saturday, 16 April 2016

My current crush on pink!

For a little while now I have been very inspired by using the colour pink more in our home. I have been scouring Pintrest as we all do when seeking our next source of inspiration and I have been so inspired by the use of pink furniture. It then didn't help that I got the new DFS S/S 2016 press release drop through the door and I met their most beautiful Opera sofa!

I mean, seriously, it is like the most perfect look, that shade, it's simple style, uurggh, why do I spend all my money on clothes!!!
Anyway, I wanted to share it with you as after posting a picture on Instagram, everyone seemed to also love it. It has since got my brain working in overdrive (which I love) about changing our living area slightly. In the next few months we are putting in a wood burner so with change a foot it seems the perfect time to be planning a larger change. 
There won't be ever any colour changing on the walls so with the crisp white and some rustic touches this sofa would sure be a perfect item to use in our living area. 
Lots of styled images I see also accent with rose gold colours which look beautiful and I must say, have a sense of classic glamour about them. In fact the beauty of pink is that it sits so niecly against lots of styles. The country cottage look would make a perfect setting for a pink sofa or if you had a minimal home with little colour and statement pieces well this would sit so elegantly against a white wall!
As I said earlier, Pintrest has been a little hub of inspiration and solidifying my want for pink. These pictures just make me go "OOooooooo"!

Just looking at these gets me excited about thinking of interior styling!
Heading into summer this is what I am hoping to channel my energy into, a little living space redesign. Let the daydreaming begin!

Have you got a bright coloured sofa in your home? Is it easy to style?



  1. I love pink too :) !! It has always been my fave colour, especially this pastel shade so I am with you! Exciting xx

  2. I'm a huge fan of pink, added with grey I just about manage to keep everyone happy in the home. A wood burner, they are amazing I wouldn't be without ours, gorgeous to snuggle up in front of in the winter and good for keeping mulled wine warm!


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