Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Happy Holiday Playmates

It is a classic situation isn't it: that very first day of the Holidays when all the kids do is bicker and argue as both of them are so used to their own routine. Raph and Etta are not always as sweet as pie as some of you may think, they have tested me this holiday and more so due to me getting really ill and having limited energy and patience. Luckily the days when Rob was at work, when I was at my worst, the kids were great and played for hours with Play-doh and drawing. We watched a lot of movies also but something that I noticed happening over the two week period is that as much as they would wind each other up they also have started playing and communicating together really well. Etta usually likes her games and hasn't been able to keep up with Raph's imaginative games he tries to get her to play, but since they have been at home and together a lot they have made such huge improvements, but in everything. Their wanting to be together and just working on making things together. It really showed up Etta as getting older, a little scary as she edges away from being our baby, but still really lovely to see that they really do need each other and that after a few days of breaking their usual routines they are completely comfortable in each other's company.

For these photos, which make my heart melt a little, the children are wearing all Courage & Kind clothes (except Raph's shirt).


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