Thursday, 28 April 2016

Walking the streets of Bath with Joules

If you follow me on social media you would have seen that last week my sister Ella and I were whisked off to Bath to do some work for Joules
We were primarily visiting the Bath Joules store to partake in a VIP event they were hosting as part of Bath In Fashion week. It was an all day event where Joules had one of their in-house print artists creating pictures and sharing her knowledge and experience with working on design. There was also the opportunity to get your Joules leather products personalised and there was plenty of wonderful food and flowers in store, lending itself very much to the beautiful old building that this gorgeous brand is housed in. 
We found out that the store used to be a huge music shop before it was sold and divided up for retail. The building itself had some beautiful features, like its gorgeous ceiling windows but as expected this was just the beginning of my appreciation as to how beautiful the architecture is in Bath. Having not been since I was a child and having no recollection of it whatsoever, it is safe to say I was blown away but I will be writing more about that in another post!

Whilst there working with Joules, we had a bit of time to get out and explore one of the most beautiful roads I have ever walked down, Great Pultney Street which was just stunning, for no other reason than the beauty of the Bath Stone houses which lined the street perfectly. It was just amazing!

Having the chance to also sample some of the new season Joules clothes also allowed us to really put a couple of items to the test. As it is with Joules, they offer a great amount of colourful, practical clothing which ready for the practical person to put to the test. I have always found that their stuff wears well and they are the ones to go to when looking for something bold and bright! Thinking about bold and bright, the most important feature to bring up our mine and Ella's footwear. I mean, these sneakers kept our feet comfy, as we walked for hours. As we ran up and down streets and stood around in them at the event the just looked fantastic. Ella wore the silver petal pattern and I had the vibrantly contrasting ditsy blue with orange laces.

Personally I love this neon orange feature that Joules have got going on at the moment. Let's be real, everyone loves a touch of neon heading into summer, so the laces on the trainers, my fab handbag and the lining of Ella's coat all had that bold colour complementing the outfits amazingly. 

That is the great thing with joules; all their collections can be interlinked and worn with other items. I just love how their colour combinations always work. Ella's blue coat looks amazing with the bright splatter top and her grey leather bag, and aged at only 16, it shows the amazing versatility and diversity the Joules clothes suit!

For me, their classic Herringbone jersey blazer and a white t-shirt with some blue jeans was my salute to the everyday woman. With my bag and trainers to add the va-va-voom effect, I found that I was able to use classic tailoring with ease.

Our first walk into Bath was somewhat colourful as you can see. It was an amazing evening and over the weekend I am going to share a couple more posts of us exploring this beautiful city.


*In collaboration with Joules


  1. Sooooo cool!! I love your outfit choices, particularly your jacket. And the bag?! *swoon* Can't wait to see the other posts x

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