Thursday, 28 April 2016

Mamas Blooms Newsletter Edition 5: My Picture Edit

First off, I am so sorry that this post is not at the beginning of the month. What happened to April? I had such ideas of easily just getting this post up but it has taken all month to do! Also, due to work commitments I didn't even share my favourites last week on Instagram. Sad face!

But here we are, still in April which means I have made it, I haven't missed the month! What a crazy month it has been though. Very busy but I have managed to spend a few hours outside sorting our garden. I know it seemed the right thing to do in the glorious weather we had at the start of the month but now I am thinking my new Hydrangea and wax flower plants will not have benefited from the recent frost, hail and snow!

We have a really good local Lidl store and on one of my visits I spotted that they had Wax Flower plants. I love wax flower and not actually ever having seen it in plant form, I got myself one for the grand price of  £5.99. It was really bushy as well so I am hoping it survives this mad weather we are having. I also got myself two new hydrangea plants. Now, I love Hydrangea, I really do and already have 5 plants in my boarder, but 3 of them which are placed together just haven't grown much and they have been there three years now, so I bought an extra 2 to just fill them out a bit. In northern France so many houses have Hydrangea bushes and they just look fantastic so that is the look I am going for. With some of our home grown Tulips I have enjoyed a couple of the Hydrangea heads in our home.

It is usually now that it is a great point to start sorting out the garden. I have loved getting out there a bit seeing our new plant life sprouting up. I am not an avid gardener but it really is nice to pick your own blooms from the garden. I need a few more years to perfect it though, I would love a full boarder to have my own cutting garden!

Also in the house I have very much been enjoying spring flowers like Stocks, Ranunculus and Tulips, There hasn't been one week this month that I haven't had Tulips in the house. I have really abused them this year, just love them!

 (Our home grown Tulips and Summer Snowdrops!)

It has all been so pretty. As I am sat writing this I am already thinking about what flowers I need to get tomorrow to help celebrate Rob's birthday. Flowers are so perfect for making a house look party ready!

As always you lovely followers on Instagram have been joining in amazingly by Tagging #mamasblooms on your flower pictures. Here are some of my favourites from this month!

From top left to right; @amyhayden23, @zivotvzahrade.ce, @littlemaldod, @midlifemummy, @lisa_jking, @bonnieandbumble, @east_unique, @capturebylucy, @ruby_and_ivy.

Their will be a new post up next week, yep only one week wait this time due to my tardiness, to celebrate the month of May!


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