Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Mirror Shine Sunglasses by Accessorize

It's funny, sometimes there is something a little bit off putting about talking to someone who has mirror shine sunglasses on. As you naturally look to their eyes, what you are looking at is a perfect reflection of yourself
 in the reflection off the sunglasses. It is really strange but there is something about them, especially the silver mirror shine, that makes them look incredibly cool. 
When I was last in London for work I popped into an Accessorize I was passing just because it was looking vibrantly full of all things summery and I found that they had a great sunglasses selection at a very reasonable price. 
I was immediately drawn to these clear framed, round, mirror shine ones that I felt would just go with everything!

With the clear frame making them a nice light coloured piece, these glasses seemed to fit the bill for not looking too outlandish but giving me that key trend look. It was hard to choose though, Accessorise had a lot to offer in store (not as much online) and I was torn between the blue mirror shine and these.

The fact is, because of my colouring, brown lenses have always suited and I always loved the more rounder shape, which have been an up and coming trend for a few summers now.  These other options offered by Acessorize are also gorgeous and at £10-£15 a pair I really think they are great for accessorising with a range of outfits. 



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