Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Little White Dress

I must admit I am a sucker for white summer dresses for Etta, at 2.5 though, it truly is the most impractical colour, but I am afraid I think "who cares, it will wash" and dress her in them anyway. There is something about that crisp colour on a sunny day that cannot be beaten, whether the dress is for a party or for wearing in the garden, a pretty white dress is a staple in all girls' wardrobes. 
I love it when I am excited about a dress even before Etta has it on. When I first saw this Le Mu one I just felt it was like nothing I had seen before. The beautiful lace effect with the cropped flared sleeves and bell-like skirt seemed very much something I would wear, but this one is part of the girls' collection from Le Mu.
So who are they? A British brand who started selling last year. If you go on their website you will be greeted with 3 selections; Princess, Off Duty Princess and Flower Girl. I think this best sums up the areas there dresses cover!! They are selling beautiful outfits for girls age 2-9 mainly on gorgeous tulles and laces and very much outfits for special occasions, but to be honest, there are easily happy day wear items in there also. Like this lace dress Etta has, a beautiful piece which would be perfect for many occasions, but also for teaming with a pair of sandals and wearing very casually. I always think that if you keep all nice things for special occasions they never get worn, especially if you would be spending a bit more. 

So why did I choose this dress for Etta? Well, I couldn't have imagined just how pretty she would look in this dress, almost fairy like. With bare feet I can easily see her springing through the grass in the garden playing her own games and dancing to her own tune. What a beautiful item to have in her wardrobe. Something that allows a little one to tiptoe in play and twirl is an item worth having, in my book. 
And parents, don't fear white, embrace it! Just make sure you have good detergent!


Post in collaboration with Le Mu.

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