Wednesday, 27 April 2016

GLTC Testing Team: Peg Board Obsessions

As part of our Great Little Trading Co role as testers of their products we were challenged to have a play around with their very creative Peg Board. Using peg boards as a way to organise and display are becoming a popular home trend. I personally love the way that they are totally customisable and you can make them suit all your needs. I thought I would share 3 different ways I have been using ours over the last couple of months as I feel they may be a tool which is quite underrated!

The Family Organiser

So the most obvious of the set is using it as an organiser. With the additional tubs, chalk board and pin board that it comes with you will find there is enough space for pinning up invites or displaying your calendar. As parents it is nice being able to keep it all in one place and have a such clear view of everything you made need. 

As you will see from the 3 examples, these boards are there for you to do whatever you want with; that is the joy of them. One of my favourite features is the perspex shelf (what the calendar is on) as it is clear it lends itself to displaying so much!

The Educational Tool

Over the holiday period I really tried to support Raph's learning. He is really struggling with his numbers and reading at the minute so having some time to sit with him and try to support what school is teaching is a nice way to help him. Using the peg board again to help in displaying some basic educational resources was easy. What a nice clean display for the kids to look at. Not only have you got space to get out specific numbers or letters and display them but with its simple shape you find that it makes the perfect background.

Being able to touch and move parts is also a great feature. For the kids it is easy to hook on and off and this allows them to work with the peg board quite independently. Great for setting them on task and leaving them to it!

A Mood board

I think this has to be my favourite! I love being able to create mood boards and collect little bits of what I love and using my Peg Board I have been able to create my very own touchable Pintrest of all my little loves. It is great for wasting time and fiddling with something like this, but note, it is not a waste of time!! I find it quite therapeutic collecting and displaying little bits, it's definitely an addiction though. Once you start pinning things up it is a struggle to stop!

What is great about Great Little Trading Co is they are always looking to make a happy practical home whether that is for children or parents, they are thinking about making things easy. 
With this peg board you can honestly use it how you want. These are three relatively easy ways but you can change it up however you want. As everything is removable you can position the pots where ever and use additional pegs for hanging things from. 
It is just a product that can be enjoyed by both parent and child.


*In collaboration with GLTC as part of our testing team role.

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