Sunday, 7 February 2016

Yellow boot buddies

There is nothing more important than trying to burn off some of the kids' energy some days. Knowing that as they grow older they are less inclined to nap and rest in the day is well, exhausting, some of the time nothing tires them out quite like being outside. In fact, I don't think much tires me out more than getting outdoors and burning some energy.

Our two find it so easy to run around with Rob; he is the player (in games terms) and boy don't they chase him! Maybe it's because I am often stood with the camera, but as soon as Rob initiates something they are both their like little puppies. Ready to chase the stick!

The kids had these beautiful new wellies to road test this weekend which added to the excitement of stepping  outdoors. I absolutely love the matching yellow. What a perfect colour to brighten up these dull days, and as great as these are for brightening up a winter, they are going to look equally gorgeous rock pooling in the summer. I love the traditional fisherman white stripe around the tops and sole. These very faultless looking wellies have got that wonderful French charm, which they should as they are from French brand, Aigle, and really just make the children look absolutely adorable!

I think that having the same colour helps, but these wellies look like they are made for children. They are just beautiful and make our children very happy. Needless to say they aren't so yellow now, but a quick rinse down will sort them out!!


*This is a collaborative post with Aigle gifting us these boots.


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