Thursday, 11 February 2016

Aigle boots for windy walks

I really love getting introduced to a brand and finding nothing to fault about them. Aigle wasn't particularly on my radar until recently, but I am so glad they are now. I think what really draws me into this French brand is that effortless style with all their products. They are classic cuts and colours very much for the outgoing with a general flair towards the more French style dressing.

I just love the collection they had to offer for the winter and now with so much of it in the sale it is very tempting to buy. Especially some of their snow boots; makes sense for all the Alpine ski trips, hey!
Something slightly more practical for over here in the UK though are these gorgeous Miss Juliette fur boots. These are fur lined and made in the softest rubber. It almost feels like you are wearing slippers as this soft cushioning contours your feet making it seem almost ridiculous that you have to change out of them as you enter the house!

These are the kind of items that are essential for braving the outdoors, especially in the winds we seem to have rolling across the Lincolnshire countryside. They are a brilliant boot to just pull on and head out for a spot of Snowdrop hunting. The pretty little white drops aren't around for long so best to brave the elements and head out prepped for the cold to catch a glimpses of the perfect flowers that bring such euphoria to often plain February days.


*These boots were gifted to me as part of a collaborative post.

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