Monday, 29 February 2016

NYJD jeans to make this Mama feel good!

Isn't the perfect pair something that we are all looking for? Recently I was asked to try out a pair for American brand Not Your Daughters Jeans who state that their jeans not only make you feel good by fitting well but they make you look a size smaller, smoother, more shaped and well, just amazingly good looking. I was unsure whether one product could do such a thing. Yes, we can often end up living in a pair of jeans if we like the cut of them but can one pair change your appearance so much?

As suggested by NYDJ I got a size smaller than what I would usually buy and chose a style that would work as everyday wear. These Jeggings are a lovely blue shade and go with most things in my wardrobe. 

These Jeggings were a surprise when I first pulled them on. As far as making me look a size smaller, I don't know, I am very critical of myself, but I do know that they fit me amazingly well and I love how nice they look across my hips and bum. These Jeggings are so soft, in fact the softest I have owned and they come up nice and high so I don't worry about my hips being pinched by them and I am more comfortable with them sitting across my tummy. 

You may have seen them popping up in my pictures recently and appearing on a few outfit posts. I am really loving wearing them and I find that I feel confident about my look when I step out in them.
Something that it is important to mention is that it isn't necessarily just the jeans as a product that make you feel good; the first instance of buying a size smaller will make all women feel better about themselves. I think that, in itself, gives you a confidence boost and makes you feel more comfortable when wearing them. 

NYDJ are already making women feel better with their starting point and as far as product goes they can't really disappoint. Obviously I haven't seen every style but if their jeggings are this good then their jeans and smarter trousers should offer the same response.

Dressing them up or down is going to be easy and these are fast becoming my "go to" for comfort and style.


In collaboration with NYDJ


  1. I love the jeans and your shoes. The whole outfit is just perfection. Have a nice day! Gemma x (Jacquard Flower Blog)


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