Thursday, 11 February 2016

Mamas Blooms Newsletter Edition 3

What a wonderful time of year it is to focus on flowers, there is such beauty appearing around us. For some, like here in Lincoln, we have full blossom on the trees at the end of our street! They were there in January and it is quite unbelievable! We also have daffodils and snowdrops lining the road to Raph's school which is a sure fire sign that spring is bursting out even if she is arriving a little earlier than usual.
The #mamasblooms' gallery on Instagram is somewhat sensational at the moment. It is amazing to see how you all love your flowers. Just clicking on the gallery is a sudden burst of beauty, thank you for joining in. 

This weekend is Valentine's day. Traditionally a time for bouquets of red roses, a sign to show someone how in love you are! When I was working in my family's flower shop we always had orders for red roses, however we actually sold a lot more pink bouquets with much softer shades featuring. That was the style we loved really; romantic pinks, creams and lilacs. But why have a preference? Receiving any type of flowers from a loved one is always special.

Last weekend I got out in the garden and was able to add a few more blooms to the boarder. I was just on the cusp for planting really, now is the time to get any in for summer if you want to add some. I am not a gardener but over the last couple of years I have been planting up flowers. More so I don't need to spend money on them through the summer, I just want to pick fresh blooms from my garden. I planted some Lily of the Valley; I hope this works, how beautiful to have those heavenly scented bells pop up! I also planted some Delilahs as I always see them pop up on Instagram and think they look amazing. I also planted a Peony. I actually planted a large Peony plant late summer last year so I am hoping they both take and produce something wonderful for me. Watch this space!

In my home this last few weeks I have been enjoying all sorts really. From introducing Tulips (very early I know) to bright roses, and even a few stocks. Spring is my absolute favourite time for flowers; the scent that they bring is just amazing and I think the colours are always so soft and pretty, they are hard to beat.

I wanted to share a different kind of creative idea with you this month. My younger sister and her husband welcomed a new baby girl into the world at the very beginning of February (hence why this post is late) and she wanted to do a newborn photo shoot with little Meri. Now none of us really anticipated just how tiny she would be, at 6.4llb she barely fits into anything, so I took around a load of flower heads and we created a bed for her to lie in. It was so easy and it is something that me or any amateur photographer can do! I just got a selection of flower heads, positioned, let a sleepy Meri lie in, then snapped. It is a really lovely way to make a pretty keepsake of those early weeks and she looks ever so cute. 

The gallery this week has been wonderful. Thank you all for joinng in on Instagram. If you love sharing pictures of flowers then just tag #mamasblooms and have a look through all the pictures yourself. 

These are some wonderful examples. 

(Left to right) @hopeandrainbows/ @mrsg090711/ @bissell72/ @sunshinesam83/ @capturebylucy/ @rebecca_lou_72/ @laurarobinson5/ @rachel.marilyn.reeder

Thank you for all for joining in.
Head over to @nandawiaderna on Instagram to see her picks and follow along her journey on her blog Made of love and dust.


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