Tuesday, 9 February 2016

A luxury Valentine's for Mama

I must say, I love Valentine's day. It is such a nice celebration to partake in. I know that shops go to town; showing off for it and as a nation we have built it up. Lots of people expect a lot from it these days, but I just love the basic premise of the day; showing special ones that you love them. 
I think the last few years Rob and I haven't gone out for dinner. We have just done something nice at home. To be honest, Valentine's day has always been on a work day so after a long day out, getting the kids fed and then stopping has always become a very relaxed affair with cuddles on the sofa and a movie.
It is always nice to have something nice to wear for the occasion though! There is something about silk that makes me feel a little bit like a princess. It is such a luxurious fabric and being able to relax in silk pyjamas is surely the ''creme de la creme'' of allowing yourself to do nothing but relax.
Finding nightwear that is so pretty, a little cheeky and not at all trashy is hard at this time of year. So many shops on the high street bring all their underwear to the front of store and display it selling it as the way we ''should'' all be looking to give our loved one a good Valentine's day. Believe me, this isn't what we should feel we have to wear, especially young women. 

Something that makes you feel womanly and beautiful doesn't need to be made from 3 pieces of string! This silk tee and shorts set from Soak and Sleep is a stunning alternative for your Valentines evening. Like I said before, there is that special feeling when wearing silk; so beautiful. And having shorts and a t-shirt set is very pretty to relax in when snuggling down to watch a movie.

This set really appeals to me also because I am a Mother; something that doesn't change for just one night and the reality is, even before we get into bed we shall have to attend to one of them whose cough has woken them up or needs a drink! Not only are they beautiful, they are practical, something that I can happily and comfortably wear on a morning whilst running round getting everyone ready to leave the house.

Something else which I love to wear which really makes me feel prim and pampered is a pure white dressing gown. I don't know what it is about white but having a white robe to pull on always makes me feel special. I think is because you usually have them at spas so they always remind me of pampering.

Having a fresh towelling robe to also pull on makes my toes tingle. Anything that makes me feel that good is worth wearing on Valentine's day!
This personalised white one from Soak and Sleep is perfect!

No matter what you want to wear on Valentine's, even if it is just a pair of jeans, remember, no matter who you do it for, make sure you do it in love for yourself. Love makes us glow from within so it is the most beautiful thing you can wear: get yourself dressed up in Love.

Shop the beautiful nightwear collection from Soak & Sleep on their website now.


*This is a collaborative post with Soak & Sleep.

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