Monday, 22 February 2016

Snowdrop Sunday

On Valentine's day we went along to a local village who were having Snowdrop Sunday; an afternoon for visitors to come and look around the gardens of an old village estate and enjoy the blossoming snowdrops and other early sightings of spring. It was such a cold day but once the sun hit, it basked its warmth on us which took the edge off.

Giulietta unfortunately slept through the whole walk but that in itself was a welcome rest, it allowed us to just walk and chat with Raph which we miss out on as he is at school now. 
Watching Rob and Raph off playing together was so lovely. They are inseparable, Raphael just adores him and I love watching them together, it really makes my heart burst.

Strolling around and enjoying the scenery was a perfect way to spend time on Valentine's. I felt really refreshed while we were out, like the air I was breathing was filling my lungs with clean goodness. The sun and the flowers just lifted me, almost infected me and I felt the winter blow away. I love that, the feeling of new, the feeling like what's coming is going to be beautiful and that everything is beginning to bloom inside and out.

Do you have any walks near you where you can really enjoy fresh bursts of beauty?



  1. Do you mind me asking whereabouts this is? I live locally and it looks like a gorgeous day out!


    1. Hi Amy, it was in Hackthorn Village heading out on the A15 by Scampton. X emily

    2. Thankyou! We'll have to go for a visit sometime! Amy x

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