Wednesday, 24 February 2016

GLTC Testing Team - bright bold swimming bags.

In our family, being near water is a must. We have weekly swimming lessons and have done so since the children were very little. I find they are the most important thing that we have put money into. And both of them are now so confident in the water and just love being in it. 
Every holiday we have with them we take them to water. Having young children, we haven't spent much time swimming in the sea, but we spend a lot of time in the colder months in places like Center Parcs and Alton Towers Splash Landings. They are perfect for us, with two kids and bundles of energy, getting away in the quieter (and cheaper) months is amazing. 
You may know that recently we started working for Great Little Trading Co. as part of their testing team and one of the products we got to try out on a recent holiday (and every week since) is their swimming and wash bags.

In these beautiful bold prints, both our two were very pleased to receive something so exciting in the post! I was thinking " this is it, they may actually carry their own things!!" I was right, they both did extremely well and absolutely loved looking after their own things. Towels, suits, goggles and water toys all fitted into these generously sized bags making the amount of stuff that we cart around much smaller. Or rather there was a smaller amount for Rob and I to carry! Since our holiday our weekly swimming lessons have also allowed the children to be responsible for their things, these bags have been just perfect for them.

So, product details; the wash bag is the same materials as the swim bag only smaller. Both have a water resistant lining and have the drawstring pulls. We have put ours through the washing machine as they got dirty on holiday and they came out great. They are big enough for loads, a proper wash bag for children's toiletries and the swim bag will take all the paraphernalia they need.

As far as why I love these, well they are child centred with pretty images. They have made my children want to carry something which is always good and they make packing and sorting for holidays easy. A perfect set of bags.
They may also become a very special place for sewing certain achievements onto. I have been trying to decide what to sew Raph's swimming badges onto and these look like the perfect thing. 

If you fancy looking at the range then head over to the website.
Can't wait to share our next product test with you soon! 


*In collaboration with GLTC

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