Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Why I married a hero.

It is so hard talking about love for another. I feel that it could come across as boasting but sometimes things just have to be said. I suppose recently a few things have got me thinking about our little family. We attended a wedding recently which I think makes any married couple think about their relationship and I suppose it really reminds you about your own marriage and what that means.
I first knew Rob through our church. His mother is in charge of the choir and I knew his face from the occasions when I saw him as a young teen. 
Our lives grew, I would see less of him at church and we didn't know each other, other than to say hello as we recognised each other if we ever crossed paths. 
We came to an age where parents would be celebrating milestone anniversaries and where 18th and 21st parties meant that we would cross paths, but still nothing more, until my younger brother's 18th when Rob came with his parents. That night changed everything. That night I was talking to a man who I'd had a crush on for as long as I can remember. That night was the night that all the teasing my mum had made about "one day you might get a date with the likes of Rob Inman" actually came true. We sat and talked all evening, his mum later said she knew something about us had changed, something she had never seen before. For me it just happened. We were there, we chatted, and about loads of things, what we were doing, do you remember that party, why is your cheating ex-boyfriend here; just loads of personal things that let us both connect in a way like no other. We exchanged numbers and said we would meet for a drink. A week went by and I sat glued to my phone, nothing came in and then on Sunday at church Rob was there (a very unusual sight at this time in his life) and he complained at me for not responding! I never received the message but it didn't matter, we met that evening at the pub. And that was it, from then it was a second date later that week which confirmed that we wanted to see each other and then, well, in a way, we are here. A wedding, a house and 2 children later has brought us to where we are today. This April we will have been together 9 years. 9, that seems crazy. I still can't believe I am with him, my crush, he picked me! It is a crazy feeling, one that makes me feel giddy when I sit and think about it. 

9 years of growing and learning about each other is a crazy thing to look back on. We have changed so much even from when we were first married. I remember one of our first arguments was when Rob and complained about how I put his washing away; he got a bunch of socks thrown at him and a few swear words and I told him that I would never put his washing away again! And I havent! And on a washing topic, Rob is now completely in charge of the washing and drying part, he is obsessed, Thank God, I hate washing!! 

It isn't the only thing that he does, he cooks, every meal, he is great at it, and an amazing cook delivering delicious food to our family table. He also constantly looks after me, buys me things and almost has become a real life heartthrob to friends. What does this man not do? 
He really is my hero, a man who adores me and our children so much that everything he does is for us. 
I just felt I had to say something, to honour him, Rob is just fantastic! Yay Rob!!



  1. Aw, you've got a good one Emily! Lovely post x

  2. Oh what a lovely post! I love to read stories of wives celebrating their husbands, all too often you hear all the bad things husbands do ��

    1. It is good to celebrate them! Thanks Karen! Em xx


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