Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Luna Cinema

The Luna Cinema

Lincoln had the lucky treat of having The Luna Cinema visit Lincoln Castle this weekend. It is a lovely Outdoor Cinema screen that travels round the country to quite picturesque settings! 
This was the first time it has travelled to Lincoln, and last night's viewing of Mama Mia was hugely supported with the castle grounds full from front to back! Everyone was singing and dancing along to the fabulous ABBA songs and it seemed to be a huge success.
Tonight's showing will be somewhat different as they are showing Top Gun, an absolute classic!! Rob and I are going to this with some friends and are thoroughly looking forward to the aviators and one liners to get us through the night. 
The gates open early so you can take a picnic and find a spot to sit and comfortably enjoy the film. As soon as it's dark enough the screening begins and the novelty of sitting outside in a beautiful setting really kicks it off.
Last night was great and if you are interested, I would get to The Luna Cinema asap to see if there are any tickets left for tonight!!

Otherwise, you will miss out! What a lovely experience for local Lincolners!!

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