Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A Tasty Treat - Grantham Gingerbread

A Tasty Treat - Grantham Gingerbread

We went to the doctors this morning as Raph had hurt his toe and was being quite sensitive about it. He wasn't allowing us to touch it so I thought he would be really teary with the doctor also. In preparation for this I took some tasty biscuits to help ease the aftermath of what I thought would be a stressful trip. 
Luckily we had some Grantham Gingerbreads from the Lincolnshire Co-op. These are a great little sweet treat from a local business. The packaging alone tells all about this special gingerbread which was first made in 1740 when William Egglestone, a local baker, accidentally put the wrong ingredient in the mix. From that he created this delicious honeycomb textured ginger biscuit.
The packet explains how all the biscuits are made by hand in Grantham and how the company feel this makes them more important. They don't like mass production and that is a real selling point for me. It makes eating their biscuits like you are really eating homemade ones!

Once the doctor had been seen and a brave little Raph was back at the car with his prescription we all tucked into the pack of gingerbreads. They were delicious, a lovely crunchy texture with the lightest  ginger flavour. It was clear that they weren't going to last long so I put a few away for me to take to work with me.

Once I had dropped the kids off, I went to work and was immensely looking forward to when Bunty's Tea Room opened so I could get a Hot Chocolate and have a few more gingerbreads as a morning treat! (Well 2nd morning treat if you are counting, I am not!) 

These are seriously tasty and a great local find, if you are at your Local Co-op pick up a pack and enjoy!

To find out more about Lincolnshire Co-op and local products click HERE!

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