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Last Weeks Catwalk

Last Weeks Catwalk

The weather this week is absolutely beautiful. I am desperately wanting to wear all of my autumn clothes but am sat in a vest top and Berkinstocks as I write this as it is so warm!

Last week seemed slightly cooler so Etta started off in tights. I love these yellow ones, I got them last year from Boden and I just love how bonny they look. on the bottom is a bright flower too so for a little crawler, they look very cute! They don't have these one online anymore but they do have equally as cute new season ones! Her spots, stripes and denim dress is from Next and is new. It is lovely and soft and very easy wearing. 
The next picture is new season Next. I love both children in blue. Their hair coloring seems to match it beautifully! There is lots of blue and yellow about this season for kids so we seem to be buying quite a bit of it. This spotty denim dress is a real easy wearer, t-shirt style and I am sure as it get cooler her long sleeved vest should look good underneath. I love Next leggings, they are around  £3 a pair and just wash amazingly! We have a few pairs as some days we have a lot of outfit changes! They are great for just pulling on! Her cardigan is a H&M one.
Her little playsuit was a £3 bargain from Primark in their sale and will  work perfectly into the cold season with some easy layers popped underneath.

I seem to be saying it a lot at the moment but this boy looks grown up! Rob and I both thought so especially in the first outfit. His  top was a new one I picked up from Lincoln's Gap Outlet store, it was about £6 and is just so lovely on. He rolled up his H & M jeans and popped on his Vans shoes. Definitely a 'Top Dog'.
His black and white check shirt  is from the Lincoln H&M, his black skinny jeans are from Next and he is wearing them with his Lacoste boots.his white Tee is a Primark one and came in a two pack for £2, and they seem to be washing well! 
His final outfit is all H&M the blue striped tee and blue chinos are just lovely and the tee is part of their 3 for 2 offer, I stocked up!!

Firstly, I do not know what is going on in the middle photo with my fringe! Cheers photographer Rob for that one! 
My first outfit (the one with the good fringe) is very Autumnal. I got these fab boots from TKmaxx and have worn them at least 3 times last week! they are a lovely patent brown and are kind of like the Doc Martins style but a little more feminine looking. I just wore with some blue skinny River Island chinos, a white ASOS tee, a long Primark denim shirt and an ASOS coatigan. I love layering. especially for working in a flower shop which is quite a cold environment.
Urggg......all I can see is fringe.....but anyway......this is another boots outfit, I picked up a couple of nice peplum tops from Next this week, just some nice floral Autumnal patterns to match with jeans and boots. I thought it would help make my Mum Style easier as I could just pull them on with skinny jeans and be ready. That was the look I was going for!
My final outfit I did an 'Apartment Selfie' for! We were in Pourtsmouth so I enjoyed the extra long mirrors where we were staying. I went for quite a casual outfit, ripped Zara jeans with a white ASOS V Tee and a lovely long checked TKmaxx shirt. It is ages since I have worn a checked shirt but really enjoyed the ease of pulling it on and adding some colour to my outfit!
So my 'Mum Style' is getting more Autumnal, this week though its definitely back to sandals kinda weather!

If you want to steal our style click trough to these shops!

If you are local, we have a River Island, H&M, Next, Primark and Gap Outlet all in town!

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