Sunday, 21 September 2014

Impromptu Family Time

Impromptu Family Time

I love it when you think you have a day to do nothing and then it gets filled with such lovely experiences.
Yesterday we decided that after some early morning swimming we would pop to Kirton In Lindsay to a working mill to pick up some of their flour for sharing on the blog how we make bread.
Rob's Aunt, Uncle and cousin live over that way so we sent them a text to see if they were in. To our surprise they were and we planned to go over for a cup of tea after the windmill visit.
It was such a lovely surprise to see them, and to see all of them together as they have such a busy life.
Our cup of tea turned into tea with crumpets and treats, then into tomato picking, then playing, then walking and feeding the ducks, then lunch and lots and lots of chatting!
It was such a lovely way to spend a Saturday, one of those days where time just disappears as you are enjoying yourself so much! It really highlights as well how much you miss peoples company when you don't see them for a while and makes you realise that you have to have these impromptu visits more often!

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