Monday, 22 September 2014

Secret Jam and Toast

Secret Jam and Toast

I love the idea of starting your own little family traditions. This little one is new for us but since I thought about it it's all I want to do.

I love Disney's' Nanny McPhee film about a strict nanny who turns horrible children into beautiful children. One scene in particular that I always remember though is when the children have been so naughty that their father sends them to bed with no dinner.
When Evangeline, their maid, goes to sort them out and get them into bed the children ask her for some 'Secret Jam and Toast' so as not to alert their father to the breaking of his no dinner rule.
I love the thought of them sneakily eating hot toast with sticky jam smeared all over it! With that in mind I thought it was a lovely snack idea for children. I mean hot toast with sticky jam, is there anything better!?
I popped to our local Co-op store in Lincoln as I wanted some that was made locally and picked up some of Jenny's Jams. This is a Lincoln made jam in a variety of flavours. I love Raspberry Jam so this one jumped off the shelf!
It was so sticky, but tasted beautifully sweet and as you can see from our plates, there was not a scrap left. Raphael and Giulietta absolutely loved it as a little snack and I thoroughly enjoyed it with a hot cup of tea!

If you want to enjoy a snack like this, why not try a local jam maker and support local trade!

Find out more about Jenny's Jams click HERE
Find out more about the Lincolnshire Co-op click HERE

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