Sunday, 14 September 2014

A Walk Around Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral

To have such a beautiful building right on our doorstep really makes me feel so lucky. This huge Cathedral stands on top of a hill, towering above all that is in Lincoln. Its Gothic structure and vast visual architecture really salutes the beauty that is the church. It is a lot more that just a local place of worship though, it really gives Lincoln a feature. 
It is full of art and history just waiting to be viewed and understood. 
Its stained glass windows boast the most fantastic rainbows flowing onto the multiple archways. Its tombs bring a sense of past and history. Its candle lit area for prayer draws you to its quietness and peace. The statues, some old & headless and some new make you wonder about the attitudes of powerful men's decisions through history. Its inspiring exterior in brickwork makes you ponder on how it has all been possible.
Yet this building is probably taken for grated by most Locals. I was last in here for a wedding last year when Etta was just 4 days old! I haven't been in since. I do walk past it every time I go to work though and really appreciate that I get to see it so closely a couple of times a week. 
It is an amazing place to just wander around. I would urge you to go rather than listening to me share my experience. It is something that you need to see for yourself!

(If you are no where near Lincoln though, here are a couple of photos in black and white, to highlight a small percentage of its beauty!)

Here is some information taken from Lincoln Cathedral Guide

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