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A Quick Room Review

A Quick Room Review

When we had Giulietta, our bedroom organisation had to shift. Ours is originally a 2 bedroom house that we then converted to a 3 bedroom house. 
As Raph moved out of the Nursery, he took what was our room and we moved up into the attic conversion. With regards to getting the room. Ready it was the last on our list. As Giulietta appeared when were where nearing the end of the downstairs conversion I had made sure that the children's rooms were both ready and the attic was more storage space for the bits we had to put away with all the work going on. It just also had our bed in amongst it all. During the latter stages of last summer, most stuff came out and moved to their new places around the newly made downstairs, but like everything, tastes change, more children and just more things, a lot was just left (neatly) to the side. 
Etta turned one a few weeks ago and I decided that after a year, we needed to finish the room and make it feel like our bedroom. 

It started with Rob making some sliding platforms to store bed linen on and other paraphernalia. Then he made a long shelf that ran over the top of these. I finished it with a shelf curtain that I made by simply cutting the fabric to size hemming, creating a channel and threading with curtain netting poles that Rob secured to the wood.

I then painted our plain white chest of drawers in Annie Sloan's Paloma paint which I got from our nearest stockist 'Top to Bottom Accessories' on Steep Hill in Lincoln. I also painted my gold long mirror in the same paint to match and have my new old chair bedside table!
With it all in Paloma I feel it creates a bit of uniformity. 

With some fresh bedding from our Local Sainsbury's our bed gained some element of freshness. 
I put a large chalkboard against our desk and I have brought up my lovely little antique chair.

In front of my long mirror I have rearrange my hair and body products so that it gives me a nice dressing table area. However Etta has already had her hands in everything so that might quickly change! 

Everything else is as it was really. We have some fairy lights running around the beams and I have a large collection of hearts on the walls. What we have done, although quite small really, has made me feel a lot more comfortable and like I actually have a bedroom rather than a room with a bed in it!

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