Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Celebrate All Things Lincolnshire

Celebrate All Things Lincolnshire

October 1st marks Lincolnshire Day where as a county we celebrate all things Lincolnshire. With venues hosting parties and the Co-Operative selling huge amounts of Lincolnshire products, it is easy to get involved. I think the great thing about these events allows local producers, especially in food and drink, to get some advertisement. When you begin to look you see the vast amounts of amazing food produced in this area.
Here is a list of just some of the great products available in The Lincolnshire Co-op that you should really get a taste of;

Jenny's Jams (made in Lincoln)
Belvoir Presse (Elderflower is my favorite made in )
Mount Pleasent Mill Flour (made in Kirton in Lindsay)
Myers Plum Loaf (made in Horncastle)
Mr Huda's Curry Paste (made in Scunthorpe)
Stokes of Lincoln Tea
Grannies curried Chutney (made in Lincoln)
Batemans Beers (made near Peterborough)
Grantham Gingerbread
Lincolnshire Poacher (made in Alford)
Pipers Crisps (made in Brigg)

.....and so much more.

The Co-op offers a wide range of products but you can also support local food businesses and farm shops as well. 

We have recently begun to buy more local products and it is nice seeing the connections with eating things that aren't made a million miles away.
So far we have had Jenny's Jams (see our post here), Croft Apiaries honey (see post here), Mount Pleasant Mill flour (will post soon) and we have a few that will come up in the next few days!!

As a community we need to keep supporting these local places; the food stays great and the county thrives!

Post by Emily

N.B. Information sourced from Lincolnshire Co-Op

Find out more about the Lincolnshire Co-op click HERE!

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