Monday, 29 September 2014

As Sweet As Honey

As Sweet As Honey

We love using local products as much as possible at the moment. This blog has definitely opened us up to being able to support local businesses and products so we are thoroughly enjoying thinking about what we are buying and where its produced.
We picked up some local honey from Mount Pleasant Mill in Kirton in Lindsay. This is Croft Apiaries Honey made near Market Rasen. If you want to find out more about Croft Apiaries click HERE.
We didn't know anything about them, we just picked it up as it was just so beautifully clear!

I went on their website and found out a little bit about them;

"The honey we produce in Lincolnshire comes from the field crops and hedgerow from various apiaries, together with honey produced from the outskirts of a large village where there are many lime trees, brambles and good gardens."

Giulietta was our first taster. She had porridge for breakfast this morning so I thought I would mix a teaspoon of honey in to it. The kids usually eat Tesco's Hot Oats as it is a smooth mixture but lovely and creamy and so easy to make on a morning! Once that was ready, in went the honey and I gave it a good stir.

I must admit, I stole a few spoonfuls but as you can see, this little girl adored it and ate the bowlful! Her mouth did not get any dirtier and her bib was spotless!! She wasted nothing!!

It was a beautiful tasting honey and with the creaminess of the porridge was just so delicious! 

So if this inspires you, get down to your local farmers markets, Co-op stores or farm shops and pick up a local honey!

P.s Apparently eating a teaspoon of local honey everyday helps keep hay fever symptoms down!

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