Monday, 8 September 2014

Baby Ballet Slippers

Baby Ballet Slippers

So Etta has tricky feet to buy shoes for. I got her a pair of lovely red t-bar Mary Janes but they just keep slipping off her feet! Her feet are long (she is a size 4) but super thin so they just don't stay in shoes. Today I popped down to out local Sainsbury's and as I went in I remembered that they sold dance wear. I popped upstairs to have a look and there hanging on their own was a pair of baby size 4 ballet shoes! Too perfect for words! These are beautiful! Soft for the pre-walking stage, neutral in colour to match everything, stylish and using the elastic I can make them thin and fitted to her feet! She is now living the dream and making me so jealous, I think I might just have to purchase a pair so we match! 

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