Monday, 29 September 2014

So Much Inspiration - What To Paint Next?

So Much Inspiration - What To Paint Next?

After attending a fantastic Annie Sloan Paint course I have been so inspired to use some of my new knowledge on a couple of pieces at home.

First I should tell you that Annie Sloan insists that her Chalk Paint can go on pretty much everything! A bold statement, but what I am finding out seems to prove it true. 

After watching a demonstration of painting an old metal lantern, I decided to dig out some of my old pieces from the shed and de-cobweb them. I then slapped on some of my 'Paloma' on the inside and out and left to dry. The result is pretty good and it had covered well. It definitely looks decorative and from the orange and pink they were, they now sit nicely with other items in the house.



The next paint project I tackled was a new bar stool for our kitchen. I had hardly any 'Antoinette' paint left but I mixed it with about the same amount of water. Now this trick is great for creating a smooth finish on your work, and also helped me spread the paint further (literally)! It was so runny but it still covered well and I was able to get 2 full coats out of barely anything. Ideally I think it needs a third but I have waxed it and it looks fine. 

(Before - sorry I did forget!)


I am pleased with these results and I love how easy it is to coordinate my home with just a tin of paint!!

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