Monday, 8 September 2014

Gift Biscuits!

Gift Biscuits!

Today I used my simple butter biscuit recipe to create a batch of biscuits perfect for using as gifts as they package up beautifully!

My recipe originated from a book my mum used to have, but since I couldn't find what they were from originally I have found a pretty close recipe from the lovely Fish Fingers For Tea blog.

I make a few changes so here is my recipe;
200g Butter
200g sugar (I did 100g of homemade vanilla sugar - find out how here)
400g plain flour
1 egg

I mix all the ingredients together in a MagiMix for ease and then place in ClingFilm in the fridge. I got waylaid with life stuff so left the mixture for about 40 mins but after about half an hour should be good. I then kneaded it with some flour on a surface, rolled and cut out shapes. Then put in an 180 degree oven for approximately 15 mins. It depends on you oven, check from about 13 mins as some seem hotter than others!
Leave to cool.

I picked up some bakers twine and labels from The Range but you can pretty much use anything. I had some lace and I picked some lavender out of the garden to add detail to the finished product.
They look so cute and you could easily give them out as gifts to friends.


Why not try experimenting as we head towards Christmas, they would be perfect little personal gifts for family, colleagues and teachers!

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