Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Simple Blackboard Display

Simple Blackboard Display

Another change of mantle took place today. I hope it inspires you to decorate your home with homemade pieces! 

Today I took a length of old decking and used the back of it to make a lovely chalk board centre piece for my mantle.

To make it I took a short length and just cleaned it by brushing with a sandpaper block. (I wrapped a sheet of sandpaper around a wooden block to make it easier to hold). Then I put 3 coats of Wilkinson's blackboard paint on top. I wanted a rough edge so I just used the bristles of the paint brush as a finish rather than putting any tape down to make it straight. I love using black boards around the house.

I also love to use anything that I can find in the garden to decorate our home, so as the last of the Lavender flowers come up and before some lovely foliages dry out, I have snipped and popped them in jam jars. I have used an old railway lantern that we found in the bin when we moved into this house, crazy I know, but Rob was so pleased when he discovered it! I have also put out a photo frame which I took the glass out of and just put some spotty fabric in. 

It is a simple display but looks nice and neutral. 

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