Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Getting Kids To Eat Veg: Recipe Number 1!

Getting Veg Into Kids: Recipe Number 1!

Sometimes it can be a struggle to get kids to eat vegetables. Even this dinner wasn't successful with Raphael but I will try something else. I will not give up.
I wanted to just add some veg to a simple pasta and pesto dish. Being quite seasonal I used some Marrow that we were given from a friends garden.
To make it child friendly I simply cut into triangles gave it a quick pan fry in some Olive Oil that we had in and then poured a small bit of water in to help soften. Once the water had all evaporated I then pan fried the marrow until the edges were golden.
I mixed this in with the pasta and pesto (from our local Lidl) and added a bit of grated cheese.
Giulietta loved hers and ate it all down. Raphael had about 3 pieces then decided he didn't like the marrow but happily ate the pasta up. 
Not the end of the world as Raphael was still wanting to eat his food, just not eat the marrow. As we ate later than usual and he was tired, I simply explained that that was fine, and that I am sure his sister would enjoy it instead so he 'shared' with her! This avoided any tantrums and both children ended with empty plates and full stomachs before bed.
Ideally Raphael needs to eat vegetables, he is good with a select group, but like a lot of children, has an unexplainable aversion.
Bring on the next recipe!!

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  1. I love cooking with seasonal veg - so tasty!

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