Monday, 15 September 2014

Old Chair Bedside Table

Old Chair Bedside Table

I decided that I wanted to use an old chair from my grandparents' as my bedside table. I have seen chairs being used like this recently in magazines and pictures and I wanted to create a similar look. However, I knew I couldn't just have the chair seat itself to hold all my bits so I roped in Rob to make me a platform that would sit right on the brackets of the chair. 

He simply put 3 lengths of pallet across the brackets of the chair and marked where the outside edges of the brackets were. He then got some beading (thin lengths of wood) and marked them on the inside of the bracket. Once he had done that he fixed it together & cut the pieces to length and secured the beading an inch or so in from the edge. This meant that the board would not move around. You could just place the wood across the top but it would shift about. 
You can see from the pictures if you don't understand the explanation. Our chair tapered in slightly towards the back so that is why the edges are at an angle.

I painted the chair in Annie Sloan Paloma so it looks really pretty against our white bedroom wall.

This was a very quick project and something really different that you can create yourself!

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