Monday, 29 September 2014

Ivy Wreath

Ivy Wreath

This a really simple way to bring fresh greenery into the house and give your home some country charm. 
You will need to start with the outside ring of an embroidery hoop. You should get into charity shops or craft stores and see if you can pick any up. They are not too expensive. Alternatively you could use any round hoop, metal or plastic to achieve the same look.
I went and cut long stems of Ivy, you can find this usually in forest and along woodland paths if you are not lucky enough to have it growing in your garden.  If you can't find long strands, use short ones, it will just need more wiring.
You will also need a reel of wire, this is what we will use to attach the Ivy to the hoop. String will do but it is more fiddly.

Once you have collect your Ivy, it is just a case of wrapping it around your hoop and securing with the wire. If you get long pieces just wrap around the hoop and join the ends, if you have shorter pieces do the same but yours will just be wired closer together. 
Give it a few layers so it is nice and full then use a ribbon to make a bow and hanger.

This is perfect for Autumn and if you are feeling really creative, why not try some mixed vines or try feeding some twigs with berries or conker shells into it. 

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