Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Stoneware crockery from Denby & John Lewis {Gifted Product}

The crockery was gifted to share.
The new DENBY range for JOHN LEWIS is now on sale.

Springtime has me thinking about al fresco eating. I don’t know, the sun comes out and I suddenly have a dream of perfecting our outdoor area so we can sit out using it. For me, how we dine is a big issue, it is about piling food into pretty vessels that you buy to remind you of holidays, or places that make you love food. For sometime now we have had a collection of white crockery. There is something so simple about it but the more I travel to other people's houses {who are older and wiser} I see them pulling out bowls and dishes which carry more meaning than that to just eat off. Crockery can hold such a value, and not in monetary terms; gifts from friends, picked up in foreign countries, bought to represent something, I don’t know but more often than not, when I pass comment of how nice a dish it, it often comes with a story.
I myself have started picking up one offs. As much as I love things to match, the odd dish has worked its way into our cupboard and I am enjoying using different items as serve wear.
Last year I did some work with DENBY sharing their new range for Monsoon. It was beautifully soft in colour and to this day, is used daily, so when they contacted me asking me to take a look at their new range for JOHN LEWIS, I wanted to see how easy it was to fit these pieces into a home who already has crockery to use.

How often do you buy a dining set? Now very rarely so what I like to see is how items can be incorporated into what you already own. Themes are great, especially colour or textures as they make it easy to match into what you already had, but this new range isn’t like anything we own yet, it has arrived and sits so well within our already pretty collection.
As a household name, DENBY has been around for an age. Why are they still around? Because they are good and that is all that really needs to be said. You know exactly what you are paying for; British quality at its best.
This new STUDIO GREY range really caught my eye. I love stoneware and in a very simple way, this design is here and fits in with our simple home. When you live with white as a base, anything added in tends to fit in.

What is great about this range is how you can connect with it, quite quickly items are not being used as intended, the serving plate is a great tray, the mugs are brilliant for chips and dips, the side plates are a great size for serve wear on our thinner table and all of a sudden you are left with the main plates ready to be used for putting the food on.

I find with crockery, you can quickly make a mental attachment too as you want to use it to serve others. You pull it out as people are coming for dinner and to give your guests a good dining experience you want to offer food from items that you yourself love. How crazy that we can become so attached to crockery!

For me, this new STUDIO GREY set from JOHN LEWIS really fits in with our home. It is nice to touch, it feels earthy {which good stoneware should} and it just seems to be one of those things that has quickly found a place in our home!


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