Thursday, 25 April 2019

3 Ways To Wear A Spotted Suit {Gifted Products}

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Fashion should always make you happy. I can't stress that enough so having the chance to wear this BODEN SPOTTED SUIT really threw up opportunity for me to really enjoy styling an outfit. 

Routine dressing. It is a necessary thing for some of us, with work uniforms or office rules, we can quickly get sucked into wearing the same thing all the time. Even with regards to comforting clothes, we can find ourselves wearing the same t-shirt and jeans every chance we get. We can quite quickly get trapped in a rut within our wardrobe, always reaching for the same kinds of items. When we shop we can also buy the same items and end up repeating outfits. 
I am here not to try to change that but to tell you something that may change the way you dress.
Wear what makes YOU happy! 
Our happiness with ourselves can be reflected in so many different ways. It may be how you dye your hair, or paint your face with make-up, it may be in your clothing or in actions. To be truly happy with your appearance you need to be truly happy with yourself. No paint can dictate that, but the expression of happiness can be shown through.
For me, my uniform is a striped tee and jeans. It wasn't always but my comfort can be found in those simple things. And I wear them because I love them and wearing such things equally makes me happy. 
So when you are deciding what to wear on a morning, thinking about how you feel about yourself and how things may look on the outside, look at yourself and CHOOSE to be HAPPY, because what ever you wear will look great when it is teamed with self respect and a smile!

So, this spotted suit; a real happy statement that you may find works in more ways than just one! The joys of a suit is that you can wear it as a one piece or split it down and wear it as separates. That is what I wanted to show you, how you can use a suit in more ways than one. 

My first outfit is it together. You can't deny that this suit is a very bonny one. Navy blue with big white spots, worn with a pair of heels will have you walking, no, strutting into the summer! It would be perfect for weddings or parties or even as office wear. If you like suits this one really hits the spot!


This outfit demonstrates how just the trousers themselves will work well with a range of casual tops. Colour is fun and Boden get that. This knitted stripe top is perfect for this transitional weather. I have teamed it with the trousers and trainers to give my look a very casual one. 

My final look really is a happy one, another casual one but with a good statement Breton this outfit can really be worn anytime. I love teaming a blazer with jeans and this look is casual but so very wearable to so many occasions. I think it's the red shoes that really make it pop and the pattern clash between spots and stripes works so well!


Do you wear many suits that you split three ways? I think it makes it a good investment if you feel you can wear in more ways than one!

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*These BODEN items were gifted to share



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  2. I love the last one the most. So colorful and elegant.


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