Thursday, 25 April 2019

Easter In The 32 Apple Trees

Tuesday; The kids are back at school and I am full of cold. I can't believe it. We have had the hottest Easter in 70 years and over the weekend I obviously picked up some germs and am now ill. It's a shame but I can't complain too much, I don't get ill too often.
Easter 2019; what a weekend. I think all Brits can agree that this Easter was a bit different to usual. A lot of people spent Easter weekend on the beach which is just a crazy thought. The springtime weather is usually nice but not this nice!! Anyway, we spent our weekend outside in either ours or my Mum's garden and I thought I would share a little photo post on how our Easter Sunday looked in particular.
Out at my Mum's you will find blossom tree after blossom tree. With an orchard of 32 apple trees they have quite a few in bloom at this time of year. Between these trees our kids were treated to an Easter egg hunt which had to be done pretty quick due to the heat, those chocolates were melting!
Between eating chocolates (which tasted so good after lent) and going home, the day was filled with sunbathing, photographing portraits in front of the cherry blossom, chilling, eating a lamb dinner al fresco and getting out my brother's huge slip-in-slide (basically a sheet of damp proof membrane which is slippy once wet and soapy!)
It was a beautiful day for us weather wise, a hard parenting day for us (too much excitement) and a very peaceful day in little Lincoln a world away from the tragedy that happened in Sri Lanka that very morning. God be with those people.
Easter weekend is always a beautiful one for me, I really like this season of new life, it appears everywhere and starting this new week on the back of such an important weekend I am reminded that the everyday moments must be recognised and celebrated because within moments those happy times can be no more.


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