Tuesday, 2 April 2019

3 Ways To Wear An Anorak

Anorak, the word just sends a shiver down my spine, it reminds me of my Dad making us wear one every time we went out when it may possibly rain. We would protest at their "uncool" look and inevitably either wear them and hide our faces so we couldn't be recognised or go without them and end up with a head cold. 
As time has moved on, anoraks aren't necessarily the traditional Trespass ones so many of us may be used to, in fact, fashion in some way has actually taken a liking to making cool outerwear!
This week I want to share with you three ways to style this lovely SHORT BROWN ANORAK as I loved that it was a more unusual shape. With its short and wide cut this is a very casual jacket but I have been able to style it 3 ways to actually show off its versatility a bit more. I must say, I really have been wearing this non-stop, it goes with so much of my wardrobe nowadays and I love the warmth of its colour. 

Keep it casual

This is a pull on jacket and because of it I do literally pull it on with everything: jeans or trousers, skirts or dresses, it is very much a grab and go kinda coat. I love how it looks with these wide leg trousers. To be honest, swap the trainers out for smarter shoes and you have a smart look right here! 

Jacket // Trousers // Top // Shoes 

Trainers are equally smart and casual in their own right now. Remember when I used to post stating I would never wear trainers as a fashion item? Now you simply can't get them off my feet. It's true, they come in all shapes and sizes and I am wearing them any which way I can. I am also teaming them with everything, dresses and skirts being a firm favourite.
This next look shows off how easy it is to style this jacket with a skirt. In fact, I love this as a colour combination and really like how I can wear this jacket with a very on trend slip skirt.

My final outfit I want to show you is a much smarter one. Again with a skirt but it just shows how nice this jacket can look either way. What I wear has to suit my lifestyle, I don't like to share ideas that I actually wouldn't wear day to day in real life, yes some are maybe a bit smarter, but really I like to share real outfits. This one in particular I love.

Jacket // Skirt // Old Jumper // Old Shoes


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