Friday, 19 April 2019

Stepping Into Easter Weekend In A Pretty Outfit

What an absolutely gorgeous end to the week. Can you believe this sunshine? Here in Lincolnshire we have had an incredibly dry and sunny Easter holidays, it's just been cold but the last two days the temperature has jumped and it has just brought with it such relaxing feelings.
I don't know about you but Easter weekend is always one I look forward to. 

First up, it marks the end of the Lenten fast (period of 40 days prior where you give something up) and this year I am so ready. I have given up chocolate and sweets every year for my entire life but this year it has been HARD! I am so ready, just for a taste, of something chocolatey. No amount of plain biscuits are satisfying enough! 
Secondly, this weekend, for me personally, offers a very happy spiritual time for all Christians. We actually have 4 church services to attend over the long weekend, each one marking a point in the end of Jesus' life. Thursday night is The Last Supper, Friday is The Crucifixion, Saturday is the service of Light, and Sunday is the traditional Easter Sunday Mass. It is busy, but for me spiritually I fully enjoy it.
Traditionally, Easter weekend weather is always awesome! I can just remember the last rainy one but in recent years it has either been snowy or a beautiful spring day. And this weekend's forecast looks ruddy good so here is hoping that streak of good weather doesn't stop!
I mean my list could go on; lamb dinners, hot cross buns, family time, a bank holiday: Easter weekend really rocks my world, it has to be said!

Today I picked up some flowers ready for just having at home, I just wanted a bit of colour for the table, even though we won't be eating there as we are going out to my mum's, it will look nice for our chocolate breakfast! 

As it has been a few weeks since I shared a fashion post I thought I would just include some details of my outfit in this post. I am sharing some new favourites of mine. These H&M LINEN TROUSERS are a fabulously flattering fit; wide, flowy and elasticated means that these will be comfy from now until September. My Blouse is from PRIMARK and is 100% cotton which is worth stating as I think it is brilliant you can shop very consciously in this shop. Really Primark has lots of "throw away" fashion items but start checking those labels for items that are a lot more eco-friendly! If your haven't got a CREAM BLAZER yet you need to get one! They literally go with everything! My shoes are also H&M and are a really nice STRAPPY BLOCK HEEL. Quite low and I am hoping these will just match in nicely with my summer wardrobe!

So love this outfit and I am so looking forward to wearing all of this through spring and summer.
I just thought I would make a quick mention to my pretty HAIR CLIPS. They were from ASOS but always sell out so quickly. I am really loving this new trend to adorn the hair, so if you fancy it why not try a style like this: a messy low bun and putting both clips on the same side!

I will try and check in again over the weekend but if we don't get the chance to talk have a happy and peaceful one!


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