Sunday, 14 April 2019

Life Lately // Easter Holidays

I feel as if we have missed huge gaps in our life out recently. Where are we all? I just have been busy doing everything but writing, and it hasn't bothered me. Not to say I don't still love it but life goes on and I am happy. That is not a bad thing right? It is great to exclaim happiness and have it as such a prominent part of our lives right now.
Instagram has also been a big source of work for me. People pay just to share pictures to my grid and it seems strange that I don't often get work that requires a backstory now or any large amount of written content but maybe that is just another shift in advertising patterns. 
That all said, I am happy, I am getting paid work and the family is well. We are.
We are on our Easter holidays at the moment which seems to mean we get asked everyday to do something "Exciting". What's not exciting about just being off school I wonder, but for the kids and their routined way of life, I think they just liked to be a bit busier than just simply hanging around at home.

For me, not going out on the school run is what I love the most. That routine is gone for a few weeks and it really changes your mood. I don't feel so much part of the system when we have got the school run to do. A welcome treat for me!
This week I have taken quite a few pictures of the kids, I often take pictures but they are always for use with something else. Maybe that comes with the territory of this kind of work, I take a picture and share it for something specific rather than just take a picture. I have some to share today of Etta in some recent new clothes. To be honest, there wasn't much reasoning behind why I took the pictures, they just captured a particular moment in our day. 
It's nice as Rob is working short days at the moment. He goes in earlier but having a longer afternoon with him and the children is so nice. I am glad he has the freedom to choose that way of working, it just means that we have spent afternoons together and with the extended daylight have found that we get plenty of extra time with him.

I am trying not to think about the end of the Easter holidays but I can't help it; that will be us into the final school term of the year, quite unbelievably if you ask me and the kids will be preparing for a whole new school year. Where is life going? I am trying not to panic and I am trying to take each day and enjoy it for that but something about that is niggling me in the back of my head. Slow down life, you are being good to us but disappearing far too fast!


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