Sunday, 14 April 2019

Museum Of The Moon By Luke Jerram // Visit Lincoln

I have to say first and foremost; this isn't a full review of The Museum of the Moon as we simply ran out of time to see the whole exhibition. However, as far as I am concerned, we spent our time at the best bit!

I have been meaning to get down to THE COLLECTION in town to see MUSEUM OF THE MOON By Luke Jerram. This is a beautiful touring exhibit which is in the city for a few more weeks displaying a fantastic 3D replica of the moon. 

It's hard to describe this piece of art, quite simply because you just have to see it. It is beautiful. It completely transforms your vision of the moon and is a great piece of art!

The idea: it is a suspended model which measures 7m in diameter and is made up of real images of the moons surface from NASA.
The result: a fantastic sphere presented right in front of you of a familiar being.

THE COLLECTION has the MUSEUM OF THE MOON  displayed until 28th April and if I were you I would make a special trip into town to see it.
For us, we ended up spending about an hour in the moon room. We didn't intend to but once you get in there it is actually really difficult to leave the spectacle. Having taken some pictures, the kids sat and drew some pictures by the light of the moon. They also rested on the beanbags that are provided and really we just sat under its glowing light.

There is not much else to say other than that is is a worthwhile thing to see and a wonderful experience for adults and children. Here is a link to its TOUR DATES, we were very lucky to get this into our city and I am so pleased we have seen it!


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