Friday, 22 March 2019

Hanging Storage Bags {Simple Sewing}

Simple Sewing storage bags

A simple sewing project on my JUKI DX7

Little sewing projects are where I am at. I love a simple sew and there is something so incredibly easy about being able to just whip up something and use it straight away.
For a little sewing project this week I have made these small, one handled bags which are useful for just about everything! Seriously, I am trying to find something these things aren’t good for!

This is a “ How To” on making hanging storage bags to help keep your home organised!
I have made these in 3 sizes, my favourite being the small and medium, I think the large is great for the kids but it hangs very open and I prefer the two smaller options I am going to give you.

Simple Sewing storage bags

Instructions for making

1. First you need your fabric, pressed and cut to 22 by 10 inches {small}, 24 by 12 {medium} or 26 by 14 inches {large}. These measurements I just made up when I was making so feel free to resize depending on what you want, mine are slightly more rectangular than perfect square if that helps.
Make sure your fabric is ironed before you start and has straight edges.

2. We are going to have a French Seam on the inside of the bag so to create that, fold your fabric in half {wrong sides together} and pin. The fold seam with be the bottom hem.
Sew down the two edges.

3. Now turn the pouch inside out and press.

4. Resew a seam down the two edges making sure to catch the edges inside within the seam.
When you fold your pouch the right way round you will have created a French seam. The sides are complete.

5. The opening of the bag needs to have a small hem put in. With your back still inside-out, iron a 1cm fold around the whole top. Sew this down. 

6. You now have a hem, but you are going to make a bigger one meaning the opening of the bag will look nice an neat. Fold down a further hem.

At this point we are going to make our handle.
7. You will need some more fabric, again, you can make this up as you may have a specific place you need to hang this and want the handle to be able to fit over it. Use your common sense.
The width of the handle should be around 2.5 inches wide and about 10 inches long. You are going to iron this first.

8. Iron a hem of about 1 cm along the long edges. Then fold the fabric in half longways, tucking the seam in and iron in half.

9. Then sew straight down both edges, closing the open side with a line of stitching.

10. When you have enough hem (turned down from the top of the bag), tuck both ends of the strip handle underneath the fold of the hem. You are going to catch these inside the hem as you sew it down, going around the whole opening of the bag running your stitch along the bottom of the hem line.

11. When you have sewn the hem down, flip the handles up and sew around the whole top of the bag, catching the handles in the top seam as you go around.

Turn your bag the right way round and all of a sudden you pouch comes to life!

I have been able to use these all over the house. In the kids room for pyjamas and toys, even books on the end of the bed look great in these bags.

Simple Sewing storage bags

Simple Sewing storage bags

In my room they sit perfectly on the drawer handles or even on my headboard. Perfect for faux plants, vanity products or storing bedroom knickknacks! 

They can be used in a playroom for toys or if you make them big enough, for blankets. I was even thinking you could use them in a car to put the children's entertainment in, just make sure the handle can fit over the head rest! They really are useful little pouches and so easy to make.

Have a go!



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