Monday, 3 September 2018

I'm Back!

Hi, I'm Emily, I have written this blog for four and a half years and I completely disowned it this summer!

I know, I should have just signed of and put up a post saying that you won't see me for 6 weeks but I had every intention of writing through the holidays and in the end I just simply couldn't keep up. In reality I think I needed a break and even though I felt guilty, stepping away was a good idea. That all said, I have an absolute abundance of posts which I hope to share over the coming weeks of things we have got up to and I simply cannot wait. Nothing has changed family wise but the summer has given us all a chance to grow and develop in our own way. I have learned new lessons and have become a better person because of it. 

I have been relaxed and also really stressed and to say I am not ready for it all to end would be a lie. But that's OK, it's great I can be so honest here and say that I am really ready for routine and not feel ashamed. It's been amazing, I have really loved stepping away from the daily trips to school but I have so much I want to do blog wise and I am happy that the holidays have come to their natural end and I can improve my work and become even more creative on here!

I hope all your holidays went without any major hitches and that you also feel refreshed and ready for your normal routines to start up again! 
Watch this space, There is lots more coming your way!


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