Saturday, 11 August 2018

Why Holidaying In The UK Really Could Be As Beautiful As Holidaying Anywhere.

This summer, more than any other it would seem, the UK is indeed the place to holiday.


With the glorious warm weather, stunning cities and golden beaches, is there really a reason to jet off to another country and put our money into their industry instead of our own?

For years now I have found such happiness in our holidays in this country, whether it is travelling across to Norfolk or up to Scotland, some of our happiest holiday memories as a family are from trips around this beautiful isle. 

It was a walk round one of our local pretty streets that prompted this post. My friend CHARLOTTE took some pictures of one of my new baskets and me waltzing down the street and it was her who stated that I look like I was in a different country. The sun beat down, the distance had a heat mist and there were plenty of cobbles on the street that could make you think we were somewhere further afield than just in Lincoln.

The thing is, Lincoln, as an example, is a prime location for a UK holiday. The Cathedral quarter itself boasts some fabulous hotels and, in fact, has all the lovely resemblances of foreign tourist spots. With the heat basking over us and plenty of people getting outside for picnics these cobbled streets are as good as any other. 

I think what I love most about this country is what there is to offer. Whether you are camping in beautiful Norfolk or have a cottage in the Cotswolds, there are just wonderful spots where happy memories are just waiting to be made. Cornwall's blue waters are there to be played in and just across in Devon you could fine some golden sand. This country has an absolute bounty of picture perfect places that could really rival anywhere.

Next summer I really wanted to do a six week tour of France with a camper van, but after this summer, I am wondering if we tour the UK. Where would we go? Well I think we would pretty much start at the bottom and maybe work our way across Cornwall, then drive up through Wales, head to the lakes, into the moors, who knows but we really have a beautiful collection of places we could go and I for one have been wanting to explore the UK more for ages. We quickly go off to travel other countries but I know there is also something here for everyone too!

Where would you suggest going if you were going to holiday in the UK?


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